5 – III Millennium physics is thoughts-driven

In what we have told you up to now, we have overlooked one fundamental point. We forgot to tell you that the machine is the result of a “thought”, that of Ettore, theorist, and that of Rolando, dedicated to the technological application.

When we say “thought”, however, we do not only mean a thought in the classical sense of the word, a rational thought or a planning thought.
We mean something completely different: we could say that the machine is, essentially, the thought itself of Ettore and Rolando, in the sense that it contains it, and, if it is not one of their thoughts which activates it, the machine will not work. We can say that the machine is “governed by thought” and that the third millennium physics, which we are setting out to pursue with comprehension and the use of Ettore’s theory, is a physics based on and activated by thought.

The machine, final object of a sum of theoretical and technological knowledge, is thus also the result of a new understanding of human thought and its uses which goes well beyond what the majority of us normally “think” of doing.
This aspect has already been used by several eminent people in the past, but nearly always at a purely methodological and intuitive level. Never before has a level of “scientific” understanding such as Ettore’s been reached.

This aspect alone – the knowledge of thought introduced by Ettore and cultivated by Rolando – is of itself a very impressive evolution in … human thought.