6 – Knowledge which will save us

Why has this incredible knowledge arrived on Earth at precisely this moment in history, at a time when the moral and spiritual evolution of humankind is not yet ready to receive it?

There is a precise reason: The science and technology developed by man during these last centuries have practically destroyed the environment which houses us. We have reached the limit which will cause the Earth, above all regarding ozone depletion and the increase of the greenhouse effect caused by excess carbon dioxide, to cancel human life and a large part of animal and vegetable life.
And don’t think that this will happen in many years time: According to Ettore’s calculations it seems that the first catastrophic consequences already started in 2022, particularly in the climate.

The only way to ward off a similar result is the large scale intervention carried out by means of Rolando’s machine.
Yes, this knowledge has arrived on Earth now to prevent the end of the human race: even if it does not immediately become “public domain” it will contribute just the same to guarantee the continuation of humanity and promote its gradual and more positive evolution.

At the moment who can use the machine has that which we would call “a pure thought”. Whoever is authorized to activate the machine in future will have to have the same level of ability to manage and form their thoughts.
Evolution of the human race, will of necessity have to pass through a phase of “governing pure thought”, without which, sooner or later, it is destined to disappear: Ettore’s theory and Rolando’s machine, besides immediately preserving our continuity on Earth, also push us in this positively evolutionary direction.

Knowledge that “will save us” twofold … in body and spirit!