2 – The true story of Ettore Majorana and Rolando Pelizza

Ettore Majorana was a brilliant theoretical physicist, an incomparable genius for his era. In 1938 Enrico Fermi, Italian physicist, Nobel Prize winner for physics said of him: «He had gifts which he alone in the world possessed». And added, «because there are various categories of scientists in the world; second and third rate people, who do their best but don’t go very far; but there are also first-rate people, who make discoveries of great importance, fundamental for the development of science. And then there are the geniuses, such as Galileo and Newton. Ettore was one of these. Majorana had that which no-one else in this world had; unfortunately he lacked that which is normally found in other human beings, simple common sense».

He wasn’t made to be part of, or form, a group, or even to pursue fame. He was interested in knowing how to do things. His objective was to understand the profound architecture of the world, to liberate matter from vain interpretations, the fruit of superficial knowledge.

It was on the eve of World War II. In that situation disappearing had become an absolute necessity for Ettore. He had discovered something that would have endangered not only his own life but also that of the whole human race.

The torment of a genius who had seen too many things in advance, compelled him to that far-sighted decision.

Just as an electron disappears from one orbit to reappear in another, so Ettore reappeared twenty years after his disappearance, on 1 May 1958, in an Italian monastery. Destiny had a meeting in store for him. Like it has for you now.

That day Rolando Pelizza went to the monastery for a consignment. Born in Chiari, near Brescia, in 1938, the same year that Ettore disappeared, he had from an early age shown an innate aptitude for numbers, an untiring determination and an enormous capacity for practical solutions.

Ettore, on the left, and Rolando; on the back of the photo in hand writing is the following: «Italy, 5 august 1996. To my old pupil, looking forward to the fourth phase. Fondest regards, Ettore»

Ettore was a “theoretical” physicist but his brilliance would have remained unknown to all but himself, had he not met Rolando, his “double” in the field of experimentation, one who was able to put into practice the incredible theoretical hypotheses of his “master”.

By means of periodic meetings and letters, delivered in great secret by the monks and people they trusted, Ettore taught Rolando the basics of his mathematics and physics, and he directed him to construct a machine that would allow Humanity to take a gigantic step forward.

In 1976 the first phase was completed: annihilation of matter.

A few years later the second phase was ready to be put into action: production of an unlimited quantity of energy at a cost of next to nothing.

In 1992 the third phase was up and running: transmutation of matter, the dream of all the alchemists.

In 2006 the fourth was ready: passage to other dimensions. A phase that opens the field to absolutely incredible applications, such as travelling to any moment in the past, rejuvenation of the physical body, teletransportation.