III Millennium physics is thoughts-driven

Third Millennium physics is already reality.

In this paper, the authors discuss the main features of a new physics and  mathematics scheme, which is able to explain features of reality that have not been discovered until now.

This new physics relates to matter and energy with a brand new approach, succeeding in clarifying one of the major open points in  modern physics, i.e. describing and controlling the interactions between electrical, magnetic and gravitational fields.

The applications of this new physics have already provided early and outstanding results, which will be documented during the conference. Amongst these, the authors highlight the controlled annihilation of matter and the ability to slow down particle spin, producing controlled heat generation.

The fundamentals of modern physics have been expanded and revised: the structure of the Universe being based on non-physical entities – such as matrix forms – which trigger the activation of morphogenetic fields, which in turn assemble and stabilize the physical matter and energy particles.

The whole concept of this new physics is based on a new paradigm, which incorporates as a crucial law the interaction between the matrix forms and the individual thought that activates them.

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